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Server Systems

VCC builds complete server systems for customers. These all have our fabulous 3-year warrantee and legendary VCC support. Prices on hardware are much lower now than in the past. We sell entry level servers at prices below $2,000. All our servers also come with Intel Remote Management Modules (RMM), which allow outside support to log into a server to diagnose problems. RMM allows us to reboot computers that were inadvertently shut down, repair Windows problems and a lot more. RMM can access a dead server and perform diagnostics on the system so that support brings out the correct replacement hardware.

Microsoft has released three versions of Windows Small Business Server 2011: Essentials and Standard. There are some major differences between them, so deciding what your small business needs is more difficult than before. The good news is that they are much better suited to specific uses than before.

SBS Essentials is an upgraded version of the old Home Server. It is much simpler to run, has no Client Access Licenses, is limited to 25 users and comes with a built-in backup of all workstations on the network. If the computers are off, the server can turn them on, back them up and shut them down. Really simple, really cool. Price for SBS Essentials is about $515.

The Standard SBS accommodates up to 75 users, but requires separate Client Access Licenses for each user. It includes its own Exchange Server and SharePoint Foundation. It is much closer to regular Windows Server than Essentials, requiring quite a bit more technical expertise. Standard costs about $1,010, while Client Access Licenses are about $70 per user or $333 for a pack of 5 licenses.

There is a SBS Premium Add-On, which will allow you to add the full SQL Server to either of the SBS versions. The Add-On costs about $1,500. There are no Client Access Licenses for Essentials, but they are required for Standard. Client Access Licenses for Premium on SBS Standard runs about $80 per license or $420 for a 5-pack.

If you'd like some idea of which version of SBS you would need, try the "Choose the right server" wizard. It's not perfect, but it will make it far easier to get started on your new server. If you don't know the answer to any of the questions, use "No."