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Ventura County Computers was founded almost twenty years ago by Rick Smith. After spending an afternoon fixing his friend's Radio Shack Tandy 386 he was handed a $100.00 bill with the comment "Thank you for caring."

picture of Rick, Michael & Toby

He was joined by partner Toby Scott in 1998. Toby's first computer was an Osborne 1, purchased in 1982. His second he built himself, with a soldering gun, two boxes of parts and endless enthusiasm. Ten thousand soldering joints later he was ready to tune his floppy drives -- with a volt meter.

VCC brings to you the talents of three people all with a passion for computers and all things related thereto. Rick is the hardware wizard; Toby is the software and networking specialist; while Head Technician, Michael Shalkey, brings a knowledge of multimedia and current technology trends. Together you get a team of local, experienced professions who not only have the knowledge to handle problems but also a passion to help people. And, as our motto suggests, we have a great time doing it, too. Most of the time.